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Boat rental RANIERI 500

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Up to 80€ / per hour


Boat rental without a license in Benalmádena

  •  Length: 5 m
  •  Beam: 2.05m
  •  Occupants: 6
  •  Motor: selva 15/40 XS PRO
  •  Boat ready to enjoy.
  •  €200 deposit.
  •  Fuel is paid according to consumptio


  •  bluetooth music equipment
  •  Beach fridge
  •  swimming ladder
  •  bimini top
  •  Anchor and anchoring equipment
  •  GPS locator
  •  Bow and stern solarium
  •  USB socket (for charging mobile phones)
  •  Selva Engine 15/40 XS
  •  Sea access platforms
  •  Fresh water shower, 30L tank.

What includes


  •  Liability insurance
  • floating churros
  • Beach cooler (on request)
  • Boat cleaning
  • Snorkeling (rental of more than 4 hours) ask the sailor


  • 1 hour    €80
  • 2 hours €130
  • 3 hours €160
  • 4 hours €200
Foto principal del barco


La embarcación sin licencia RANIERI 500 es un barco sin licencia muy divertido y fácil de manejar. Se gobierna desde su consola donde puedes controlar todos los extras que lleva este barco sin licencia, como la conexión por bluetooth a Spotify, o también activar su bomba de agua dulce para darte una ducha después del baño en agua salada. Esta embarcación sin licencia en Benalmádena lleva una gran motorización Selva PRO XS 15/40 HP que hace de este barco sin licencia ser uno de los mas rápidos y divertidos de todos los barcos sin licencia en Puerto Marina Benalmádena.

Dispone de música con conexión por USB y bluetooth, toldo bimini, escalera de baño, solárium en proa y en popa donde poder relajarse tomando el sol y un refresco. Tiene una mesa en proa para poder comer o tomar el aperitivo. Dispone también de nevera para conservar hielos y plataformas para acceder con facilidad al mar, también puede acceder al mar desde su escalera de baño. Dispone de un deposito de 30L de agua dulce para poder darse una ducha después de un baño relajante en el mar. No se lo piense mas y siéntase capitán por un día, disfrute de la costa del sol y la bahía de Fuengirola navegando en este barco sin licencia en Benalmádena.  

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    The rental includes a mandatory Civil Liability Insurance. Personalized telephone attention to any questions you may have during the rental period of the boat without a license. We include a beach fridge always at the express request of the customer. Rentals of 4 hours or more will include snorkeling equipment at the express request of the customer.

    Indeed, if you make the reservation online and the day of departure the weather is bad and the weather conditions are unfavorable and you cannot change the departure for another day, the amount delivered will be refunded in full. From Barcos Benalmádena, what matters most to us is the safety of our customers. Our company is dedicated to providing the best service to all our customers.

    The answer is yes, as long as you are over 18 years old and your physical and mobility conditions are adequate for this type of nautical activities.

    First of all, you will have to check the availability of the boat without a license. Through our reservation calendar you will be able to see and confirm the date and time of the rental of the boat without a license. Once you have chosen the day, the start time and the end time, you will proceed to Fill out a small form with your data. Once you have these two steps, you can make the secure payment through our STRIPE payment platform, with 30% of the rental price you can formalize the reservation of the boat without a license. At the pier on the day of the rental, the rest of the price will be paid until the total price is completed.

    Unlicensed boats are in perfect condition for Navigation, complying with safety measures according to current regulations. The engines are checked every 100 hours and maintenance and cleaning is done daily.

    Of course, yes. From Barcos Benalmádena we want to give the best service to our customers so you can ask us for whatever you want. From the website itself you can book from a snorkel equipment, a fishing rod or even a pack of 10 cold drinks with a bag of ice and appetizer snacks. If you can’t book what you want through the web, you have the option to put it in the observations section. Our technical team will see the possibilities of your request.

    GENERAL CANCELLATION CONDITIONS: If the cancellation is made by the client: * If the customer decides to cancel the boat departure 3 days before the scheduled date, 100% of the amount delivered to the reservation will be returned to the customer. * If the customer decides to cancel the departure by boat 24 hours before the scheduled date, 50% of the amount of the reservation will be refunded. * If the reservation of the boat rental is canceled 12 hours in advance by the customer, the customer will lose the ENTIRE amount of the reservation delivered. Cancellation by company: The company reserves the right to cancel any reservation in the event that the weather conditions do not allow safe navigation for customers. In this case, the rental service will be postponed to another day that the customer chooses and the boat is available. In the event that the client or tourist in your case cannot change the day because he finishes his vacation and returns to his country, the total amount of the reservation delivered will be refunded.