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The best Coves and Beaches in Málaga

Foto The best Coves and Beaches in Málaga


These are some of the options that Malaga has to offer. Each beach and cove has its own charm and appeal, so exploring the coast of Malaga and the western area will allow you to discover unique places.

In Malaga there are some coves that are very popular during the summer months, they are very natural coves and separated from the urban center. Among all the coves that we are going to describe, there are some that are nudist beaches hidden in small and impressive coves.

It must be said that although in all the wide beaches in Malaga most of them are full of hammocks and umbrellas, it is always possible to find a wide and open area where you can stretch the towel. Virtually all the beaches have showers to get rid of the sand and saltpeter.

Without a doubt, thanks to its wide hotel offer, Benalmádena is a great place to spend your next vacation, especially if what you are looking for is a coastal area to enjoy the sea of its beach bars and its wide offer for boat rentals.

1. Calahonda Beach

Known for its fine sand and crystal clear waters, Calahonda offers a quiet and picturesque environment.

2. Playa de la Cala del Moral

It stands out for its family atmosphere and the variety of services available.

3. Calas del Pino and Melon Trees

Small but charming, these coves are perfect for those looking for less crowded places.

4. Playa de la Malagueta

Emblematic and close to the center of Malaga, it is popular for its lively atmosphere and gastronomic offer.

5. Calas del Candado

Surrounded by nature, these coves offer a serene refuge and transparent waters.

6. Playa de la Caleta

With its mixture of tradition and modernity, it is an urban beach that combines history and leisure.

7. Calas de Torre de Benagalbón

Less known, these coves provide privacy and picturesque landscapes.

8. Pedregalejo Beach

Famous for its beach bars and youthful atmosphere, it is ideal for enjoying the local culture.

9. Calas de Chilches

Away from the hustle and bustle, these coves are perfect for those looking for tranquility.

10. Palo Beach

With its seafaring charm, this beach is known for its fishermen's bars and its authentic essence.

11. Calas de Nerja

On the eastern edge of the Costa del Sol, these coves offer crystal clear waters and impressive natural landscapes.

12. Algarrobo Beach

Spacious and well-equipped, this beach is ideal for families looking for comfort.

13. Maro's coves

Surrounded by cliffs, these coves are a natural treasure and perfect for diving.

14. Torremolinos Beach

With its extensive beach, it is a popular choice for those looking for water activities and entertainment.

15. Calas de Casares

In the province of Malaga, these coves offer tranquility and scenic beauty.

16. Misericordia Beach

Near the airport, this beach is wide and has various services for visitors.

17- Calas Del Moral

Its promenade and its crystal clear waters make these coves a charming destination.

18. Fuengirola beach

Extensive and well maintained, it is perfect for long walks and family activities.

19. Coves of Estepona

With their natural environment, these coves offer a serene escape and clean waters.

20. Cabopino Beach:

With natural dunes, this beach is ideal for those looking for a wilder environment.

21. Calas de Manilva

Away from the hustle and bustle, these coves provide a quiet refuge by the sea.

22. Benalmádena Beach

With its central location, it is a convenient option with a wide range of services.

23. Calas de Mijas

They captivate with their natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere.

24. La Araña Beach

On the outskirts of Malaga, this beach is known for its clean waters and its natural environment.

25. Coves of Rincón de la Victoria

Known for their beauty, these coves are ideal for those looking to escape the tourist bustle.

Below we are going to detail some of the best beaches and coves in the municipality of Benalmádena Costa, a spectacular place to spend your vacation. Its great Marina makes Benalmádena stand out among all the other municipalities. Some of its beaches, the most prominent are:

1. Malapesquera Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Benalmádena, with large sandy areas and a wide range of services.

2. Bil-Bil Beach

Known for the Bil-Bil Castle that is next to it, this beach has a lively atmosphere and calm waters.

3. Santa Ana Beach

It offers a quieter environment and is close to the marina, which makes it a pleasant option to relax.

4. Cala de Tajo de la Soga

A small rocky and isolated cove, perfect for those looking for a more intimate atmosphere.

5. Cala Mangueta

Another small cove that provides a more secluded environment and is perfect for lovers of tranquility.

6. Cala Carvajal

With crystal clear waters and nearby services, it is a popular option for families and visitors in general.

7. Cala Benalnatura

A nudist cove surrounded by nature, offering a relaxed atmosphere and without crowds.


Going into details, for its crystal clear waters, its exclusivity, privacy and above all its natural environment, we will describe the best coves of the bay of Benalmádena.

Cala de la Viborilla

This cove is located exactly between Las Yucas beach and Arroyo Hondo beach. It is a very small cove but with very clean and crystal clear waters. It is approximately 500 meters long, is very exclusive and has a lot of privacy.

The cove has showers, beach bars, it has a ramp to give access to the disabled, you can also rent.

Cala de las Yucas

Direction to Fuengirola, there is a roundabout at the Flatotel hotel with a U-turn where exactly we will find the cove of the Yucas, a beautiful cove for those who want to enjoy the tranquility and absolute privacy. It is a natural area of transparent and crystal clear water, ideal for snorkelers.

The cove of the yuccas has a parking area, you can also rent hammocks, and it also has easy access for the disabled.

Torrevigia cove

Direction fuengirola on the beach of the Hotel Casino Torrequebrada in Benalmádena Costa we find the beach of Torrevigía, very close to Sunset Beach. A very peculiar and famous cove during the summer. It has easy access and with parking lots, showers, beach bars and also with access for the disabled. You can get there by bus because there is a stop nearby.

Bil-Bil Beach

Bil-Bil beach is located next to the well-known Bil-Bil Castle, it is a very famous beach in the summer. It is on the same general road N-340. It is a little complicated to park in the area during the summer season, and it also has restricted parking due to its blue zone. That's why we recommend walking to this beach or looking for a parking lot on Avenida de las palmeras, which is close to this beach. The beach has fresh fish beach bars where we can enjoy the gastronomy in the middle of the promenade.

Santa Ana Beach

This beach is very famous for its large areas of friends. It is also located on the N-340 general road before arriving at the Tritón hotel, just between the beaches of Malapesquera and Bil-Bil. Santa Ana beach is one of the emblematic beaches of Benalmádena. The beach is on the same promenade, it has showers, disabled access, parking area, beach bars, red cross services and a bus stop.

Malapesquera Beach

Malapesquera beach is located at the entrance of Puerto Marina Benalmádena

This beach is located in the western part of the Benalmádena marina.

It is especially famous among young people for its leisure areas, soccer, beach volleyball, paddle surfing, etc.

Cala Benalnatura

This cove is nudist and has a nearby picnic area and is very famous for all the nudists who visit the Costa del Sol. It is next to the N-340 road before reaching the Viborilla cove. The nudist cove of Benalnatura has showers, hammocks and beach bars where you should be having a soft drink just as we came to this world.

These are the best beers and beaches on the coast of Benalmádena. If what you want for your next vacation is Playas, don't hesitate to visit the Costa del Sol.

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