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Rent Boat Malaga offers visitors the opportunity to explore the Mediterranean coast in a unique way. Our company provides a wide variety of boats, from unlicensed boats to luxurious yachts and more modest sailboats. These options allow customers to adapt their experience according to their preferences and budgets.

The Rent Boat Malaga is usually equipped with modern amenities, such as kitchen, bathroom and rest areas, providing a comfortable and relaxing experience. If you prefer to opt for a Rent Boat Malaga without a license, they are equipped with large solarium in the bow to enjoy the sun and large bathtubs in the stern to be comfortable and comfortable. Rent Boat Malaga can be for hours or full days, providing flexibility to navigators. In addition, boat rental in Malaga may include crew, depending on the length of the boat, which allows guests to enjoy the trip without worrying about sailing.

The sailing route typically includes the impressive coastline of Malaga, with stops at beautiful beaches and hidden coves. Customers can also choose to explore emblematic places such as the port of Malaga or go into open water in search of more adventurous experiences, such as dolphin watching.

Rent Boat Malaga is not limited only to expert navigators; many companies offer boats with experienced skippers who guide visitors through a safe and exciting experience. This activity is ideal for celebrating special occasions, organizing private events or simply enjoying a quiet day at sea.

In summary, Rent Boat Malaga provides a unique opportunity to explore the coastal beauty, offering personalized options to meet the preferences of each individual, whether it’s a relaxing family trip or a romantic getaway.

With Rent Boat Malaga you can spot dolphins on excursions from the same marina. Some companies like ours at do specific tours for dolphin watching on the coast. If you prefer to rent boat málaga without a license, we will tell you where they are. Be sure to review the available options and respect the regulations for the protection of marine life.

Have you ever dreamed of seeing dolphins in the Sea, where the nature and energy of mammals are on display? On this Malaga coast not far from captivity, where dolphins are confined, you can see them first thing in the morning or at the end of the day when they go out to eat.

If you do a Google search to see the Dolphins on the coast of Malaga, you will see that it can often lead to seeing them.

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The rental includes a mandatory Civil Liability Insurance. Personalized telephone attention to any questions you may have during the rental period of the boat without a license. We include a beach fridge always at the express request of the customer. Rentals of 4 hours or more will include snorkeling equipment at the express request of the customer.

Indeed, if you make the reservation online and the day of departure the weather is bad and the weather conditions are unfavorable and you cannot change the departure for another day, the amount delivered will be refunded in full. From Barcos Benalmádena, what matters most to us is the safety of our customers. Our company is dedicated to providing the best service to all our customers.

The answer is yes, as long as you are over 18 years old and your physical and mobility conditions are adequate for this type of nautical activities.

First of all, you will have to check the availability of the boat without a license. Through our reservation calendar you will be able to see and confirm the date and time of the rental of the boat without a license. Once you have chosen the day, the start time and the end time, you will proceed to Fill out a small form with your data. Once you have these two steps, you can make the secure payment through our STRIPE payment platform, with 30% of the rental price you can formalize the reservation of the boat without a license. At the pier on the day of the rental, the rest of the price will be paid until the total price is completed.

Unlicensed boats are in perfect condition for Navigation, complying with safety measures according to current regulations. The engines are checked every 100 hours and maintenance and cleaning is done daily.

Of course, yes. From Barcos Benalmádena we want to give the best service to our customers so you can ask us for whatever you want. From the website itself you can book from a snorkel equipment, a fishing rod or even a pack of 10 cold drinks with a bag of ice and appetizer snacks. If you can’t book what you want through the web, you have the option to put it in the observations section. Our technical team will see the possibilities of your request.

GENERAL CANCELLATION CONDITIONS: If the cancellation is made by the client: * If the customer decides to cancel the boat departure 3 days before the scheduled date, 100% of the amount delivered to the reservation will be returned to the customer. * If the customer decides to cancel the departure by boat 24 hours before the scheduled date, 50% of the amount of the reservation will be refunded. * If the reservation of the boat rental is canceled 12 hours in advance by the customer, the customer will lose the ENTIRE amount of the reservation delivered. Cancellation by company: The company reserves the right to cancel any reservation in the event that the weather conditions do not allow safe navigation for customers. In this case, the rental service will be postponed to another day that the customer chooses and the boat is available. In the event that the client or tourist in your case cannot change the day because he finishes his vacation and returns to his country, the total amount of the reservation delivered will be refunded.